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Resilient Women 

Life After Divorce February 2022

 Resilient Women - Life After Divorce is a insight to navigating divorce. Featuring expert insight from Financials to Domestic violence. These women will share their best thinking and advice to help you feel less alone and more in control of what can be a very challenging time. If you believe you are a voice that needs to be heard, book a time with Kim to find out if we are a right fit today.

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Resilient Women

in Business

March 2022

Women are the launching businesses daily around the world. What makes them successful? This book features women who are leading and scaling intiatives from Coaching to STEM. Are you a leader Speaker or Coach looking to add Author to your credentials? Already published but want to expand your message awareness. We have room for you. Book a call with Kim.

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Resilient Women

in Real Estate  May 2022


Build your Authority through Authorship and Speaking. Leverage your authority in your market as being a featured author in this book. You need  minimum 5 years in business, must be in the top 1% of your company and give back regularly to your community.


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Resilient Real Estate Women


"Get lost inside the world you want! I loved this kindle read soo much that I went back and bought the paperback! I appreciated the honesty, vulnerability and advice that these women shared soo freely. A refreshing view from the top by successful, beautifully hearted individuals!!! An addicting read that was well done!"  Shannon L. 


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Resilient Women in Business Workbook/Journal


This workbook/journal features speakers from our in-person conference. With their interview segment and the questions for you to answer you can build your interview answers to resiliency in business. The affirmation excersize along with a 90 day journal, all designed to help keep your next business quarter on track for growth.

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Resiliant Women In Business Membership

Resilient Series is a 4 pillar approach to a Multi-City Conference Tour! Bringing Thought Leaders and Educators to your city or your screen. We make it easy to find the format that fits into your life.

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