Welcome to Your 6 Week Launch 

Many Agents will run into Real Estate with out any thought around a business plan and strategy. This is why 87% of newly licensed agents will fail with-in 36 months. We will work to clarify your message to your market, identify your sphere and create confidence through scripting. Most importantly we will Launch your career the right way



Build your business with a proactive steps identifying your who, what & why.

Begin Aug 10th
Begin August 25th

A well-crafted mission statement focuses your business for your target audience. It serves as a framework and launching point to build from when establishing the your brand. For clients, it sets you apart from the competition without limiting the business purpose.

Without a clear and defined Passion it is easy to do a deal, celebrate then immediately slide back into the pain positions of no clients, no money, no deals. By Keeping your Passion visual everyday this will help you take the steps to stay motivated and everyday do the task required for success

KNOW LIKE TRUST - Identifying quality, character, or characteristic ascribed to someone or something enabling a person to feel that they can relate to someone. 

Understanding your spheres from the obvious of friends and family to taking time to identify spheres of interest, faith, past employment, community and many other opportunity to build your database to LAUNCH and grow your business.

Time to INTRODUCE yourself to your spheres. Creating scripts and identifying your approach to embed yourself as the go-to real estate agents. Unless you tell your spheres, how will they know you are ready to represent them

Time to bring it all together. Week 6 is all about reviewing your mission statement, ensuring it aligns with your scripting and clarifying what you are working for.

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